torstai 2. maaliskuuta 2017

Living in a Taoist way, kind of outsiders' view

Tao-te-ching teaches that you should do things in your own ways. Then they are on a healthy ground. That way you also learn best. You should also follow your own homeculture's ways. That way your country is on a strong ´ground and things in the world do not get decided by faraway nations on grounds that do not apply to your country.

In the eyes of some Tao-te-ching seems to say that there should not be any polici, but that is not so. Tao-te-ching teaches that you should find moral in yourself, in the natural ways to arrange the society, so your common sense would back up the moral guidelines and so you would find it easy to talk others into following them. People live in a society. It is good to be skilled, yet one needs the help of others. It makes sense that some take care of also the task of guiding or forcing people to behave morally, somehow what is understood should take effect in practise and that seems to demand it has some force backing it up, and common sense says that it is some police like thing, even though in some societies the tasks of the police may be diuvided to the whole group.

Tao-te-ching seems to also say that there is something wrong with religion, but the point appears to be against artificial forcing, against rigid forms replacing heart-felt religion, against losing the profound ideas in religion, and not against heart-felt religiousness which we find in our own nature.

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