keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

Just this translation

In the 1990's I read Stephen Mitchell's superb English translation of the 2000 years old Chinese classic Tao-Te-Ching. You can propably find it in the internet, . I haven't liked other translations of Tao-Te-Ching.
After that I haven't been reading the book, but now when I took it to my hand I saw the texts from the perspective of who else might have read Tao-Te-Ching and how they had misinterpreted things. So I felt that maybe I would try to explain some of the most common misunderstandings away, namely the misunderstandings of stupid persons by an intelligent person. So I will explain some basic theory and explain away some misunderstandings that come easily if one does not read the book as a whole.

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